Start your Career While You're Still Studying

Do you already know what you want to accomplish during your career but are still looking for a partner to help you reach these goals? 

Welcome to ALMO.

Whether you’re just beginning university or are about to graduate: We offer diverse opportunities to test and get a feel for the everyday aspects of your chosen career while you are still studying.

  • basic and advanced internships

You want to solidify what you have learned with a practical element as part of your finals? We would be happy to give you that chance. In close coordination with your university or college, we will help determine the topic which is right for you. Together, we will then bring your work and projects to a successful close; creating a good basis for a possible working relationship with ALMO.

  • bachelor's and master's theses

You will be properly and thoroughly assisted by our team while you are at ALMO.


Angelika Teppe
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