ALMO at a glance

Data & Facts

Our production has grown continually. In 1987, we broke the barrier of 1 billion syringes for the first time and expansion of production capacity in the following years has allowed us to double this number. Placed end to end, the syringes which we produce each year would stretch around the Earth’s equator almost five times. Each day, up to eight million syringes leave our production facilities.

Our annual turnover was 1.9 million Deutsche marks in 1963. Since this time it has continually risen: to 70 million marks in our anniversary year 1986 and, despite all of the world’s financial crises, to more than 65 million euro today.

We moved into our current facilities in Bad Arolsen in 1968. Since that time, we have expanded our technical capacity repeatedly.

The volume of raw materials used to produce our syringes each year is equal to the total weight of the Eiffel Tower. Carefully selected, highly pure Polyolefin-Granulates are implemented in our production; including, in particular Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP).

Two and three part syringes, syringes for insulin and for liver biopsies, complete dispenser sets: We produce syringes for all types of treatments and tailor their sizes and the colour of individual components to our customer’s wishes. This individualisation is the primary reason for our large product portfolio.

Our employees are our guarantee of success. They are responsible each and every day for the quality of ALMO’s products. Without their excellence and dedication we could not be as successful as we are.

The education of young people is of special importance to us. We constantly have more than 20 young apprentices training their skills as industrial clerks, inventory management specialists and mechatronic engineers.

In addition to our strategic objectives, we have developed a mission statement, which describes the way in which we think and operate. Since 2010, it has served as the guideline for the principles and internal relationships found within our company.

We set the same high standards for our products as we do for our success. Our declared aim is to deliver top performance in all areas and attain top position.