Values & Guidelines

One Team, One Path, One Goal

Collective, cooperative and responsible actions govern the work of, and internal relationships found at, ALMO. This applies both internally and externally. These principles and values have been summarised in our mission statement and are present in our employee’s minds at all times. Click on each field to read detailed descriptions of each of our values.

The ever-present desire for improvement and advancement is the basis of our thinking and actions; this is true for our products as well as for all of our company processes. We continually develop and advance their qualities in order to permanently enhance our competitiveness. We have the courage to travel new paths and take calculated risks in the development of products, processes and methods. While doing so, we communicate with all involved in advance; expecting, exchanging, supporting and implementing those ideas which our co-workers contribute.

As a manufacturer of medical products, we have a major responsibility towards our customers and their patients. Quality and reliability are absolute necessities in all areas related to our enterprise. Every employee is personally responsible for maintaining our standards of quality which apply, as well, to services and actions performed internally. High standards in product quality, environmental protection and workplace safety are a key component of all that we do and are incorporated into our integrated management system. Compliance with legal requirements is self-evident and matter of course for us and is ensured by continual monitoring as well as internal and external audits.

We follow a goal-oriented management style. This involves clear agreements and periodic evaluations of success. In doing so, we create space for our employees to act independently while demanding contributions at an individual level. Our uniform approach to achieving our goals gives our customers and business partners orientation and creates trust. Streamlined, efficient processes support the achievement of our objectives while redundancy and idle capacities are avoided. Accordingly, we constantly monitor our operative methods to ensure that they are free of waste and inefficiencies.

Communicating openly, both internally and externally, is important to us. Accordingly, we provide information quickly, directly and clearly – departments and job descriptions are not borders. We make sure that each and every individual at ALMO is well informed; creating an environment supportive of entrepreneurial thought and behaviour for all employees. As a learning organisation we share our knowledge and utilise the experience we have. Information is also always a form of motivation spurring us to develop and improve our processes.

Tolerance, mutual respect and understanding for cultural differences are the foundation of good cooperation. Everyone profits from a trusting, open and fair treatment of each other. If conflict arises, we address this in personal, direct discussions and actively resolve tension together. We respect other points of view and consider diversity of opinion to be an enrichment for ALMO.

Teamwork makes us strong. This principle is applied throughout the entire company. Only motivated, qualified employees are able to achieve the best results. This is why we build upon their strengths and support them in their development, encouraging them to present their ideas and make full use of their abilities. Regular feedback, praise and recognition of accomplishments are very important to us. Training and education creates future prospects for our employees just as it does for our company as well. Accordingly, we view opportunities and measures for further qualification as an investment in the future and offer additional educational programmes and opportunities to exchange experience within and beyond the walls of our company.


Good company results allow for investment and, therefore, the continued viability of ALMO. We are dedicated to a waste-free and responsible use of resources – ensuring future employment opportunities today. Our company is a part of our society and bears responsibility for the region and the people who live here. We support local and trans-regional products and create opportunity in order to provide prospects today as well as for future generations. Of particular importance to us are the advancement of young people and the ability of our employees and partners to balance their work and family lives.