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Modified Variations

We continually develop syringe variations tailored to the special needs of our customers. Our aim is to make the perfect syringe for each individual application.

We offer, for instance:

  •  variations for pre-filled syringes
  •  cylinders with various colourations

The size and colour of individual components are designed as the customer wishes with design of the syringe itself following the standards and norms of syringe manufacturing.

Different Syringes Cones

The syringe cones are shaped differently according to the demands of the customer. The centrally positioned Luer cones are available in all sizes.

Off centre cones are produced in the 5 ml size. The positioning of the cone at the edge of the cylinder simplifies injection.

Syringes with the Luer Lock threading technology provide an especially firm connection to attached pieces making them particularly well suited for use with cytostatics.