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Omnican®: The Right Syringes for Diabetes

The number of people living with Diabetes is, in Germany alone, over eight million. This number is consistently rising worldwide. Reliable syringes with proper Insulin dispensation are a matter of life and death for diabetics.

The Omnican® line is available as a purely Insulin (0.5 ml und 1 ml) and/or fine dosage syringe (1 ml). It differentiates itself from our standard products in that it has an integrated hypodermic needle and protective covers for the needle and plunger.

Fine Dosage Syringes are optimal for, among other things,

  •  the injection of heparin
  •  the injection of tuberculin
  •  use in allergy examinations

Additionally, we produce two and three part syringes of 1 ml with a scaling for Insulin or fine dosage dispensation.